The firm boasts a robust alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice, extending its expertise to both international and domestic arenas. Internationally, the firm has a rich history of involvement in arbitrations under esteemed bodies such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), as well as in the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

At the domestic level, the firm is a stalwart in representing both local and foreign clients in arbitrations governed by the Arbitration Act of 1940 in Pakistan. In recent engagements, the firm has notably represented eleven independent power producers (IPPs) in proceedings presided over by Experts appointed under Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), showcasing its adeptness in navigating complex ADR proceedings to achieve favorable outcomes for its clients.

  • Legal Drafting
  • Corporate Law: Corporate law encompasses a wide range of legal issues related to the formation, operation, governance, and dissolution of corporations and other business entities. Services in this area may include advising clients on corporate governance matters, compliance with regulatory requirements, structuring mergers and acquisitions, drafting corporate agreements, resolving shareholder disputes, and representing clients in corporate litigation.
  • Contract Negotiation: Contract negotiation involves the process of bargaining and reaching mutually acceptable terms and conditions between parties entering into a contractual agreement. This requires negotiation skills, legal acumen, and industry knowledge to protect the interests of the client while fostering a cooperative and constructive relationship with counterparties. Negotiations may involve complex commercial transactions, with a focus on achieving favorable outcomes while managing risks and uncertainties.
  • Day-to-Day Legal Issues of Projects: This area involves providing legal counsel and support throughout all stages of projects, including planning, development, implementation, and completion. Legal issues may arise in areas such as procurement, licensing, permitting, zoning, environmental compliance, labor and employment, insurance, and risk management. The firm’s role is to identify and address potential legal risks and challenges proactively, ensuring that projects proceed smoothly and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Litigation: Litigation refers to the process of resolving disputes through the court system or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration or mediation. The firm represents clients in a wide range of litigation matters, including commercial disputes, breach of contract claims, employment disputes, intellectual property disputes, construction litigation, real estate disputes, and regulatory enforcement actions. Litigators advocate for clients’ interests in court proceedings, presenting arguments, conducting discovery, and negotiating settlements to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Legal Opinions: Legal opinions involve providing clients with expert analysis and advice on specific legal issues or questions. This may include interpreting statutes, regulations, case law, and contractual provisions, as well as assessing the legal risks and implications of certain actions or decisions. Legal opinions often play a critical role in guiding clients’ strategic planning, transactions, and compliance efforts, helping them make well-informed decisions based on sound legal reasoning and analysis.

In summary, each area of expertise reflects the firm’s depth of knowledge, experience, and capabilities in addressing the diverse legal needs of its clients across various industries and practice areas.